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By John Vogl » 4:05 PM

The NHL playoffs have shown that two goaltending philosophies bring success. Some teams have won with a star netminder, while others have used depth to advance. The Sabres have neither option... Read More

2:17 PM

Dave Hannan scored in the fourth overtime of a marathon victory for the Sabres in Game Six of  a first-round series with the New Jersey Devils on April 27-28, 1994.  The classic game at The Aud... Read More

By John Vogl » 1:45 PM

Jack Eichel will get his first chance to face NHL players this week. Sabres fans can watch. Eichel, expected to be selected second overall by Buffalo during the June draft, is part of the U.S.... Read More

By John Vogl » 1:19 PM

Marcel Pronovost, the fourth coach of the Buffalo Sabres, died Sunday at age 84. Pronovost, who had a Hockey Hall of Fame career as a defensemen for Detroit and Toronto, coached parts of two... Read More

By John Vogl » 11:11 AM

As we detailed during the season, hockey players are fond of pranks. Montreal pulled one on Carey Price this weekend. After the goaltender led the Canadiens to a first-round win over Ottawa, his... Read More

By Tim Graham » Friday, April 24, 2015

NEW YORK -- Tanking? What tanking? Gary Bettman doesn't see any tanking. The NHL commissioner insisted Friday morning at the league's Manhattan offices that nobody lost on purpose this year to... Read More

By Amy Moritz » Wednesday, April 22, 2015

With the No. 2 overall pick in June's NHL Entry Draft lottery, the Buffalo Sabres are expected to select Jack Eichel, the American phenom who just completed his freshman year at Boston University... Read More

By Mike Harrington » Sunday, April 19, 2015

Tim Murray was plenty frustrated about losing the draft lottery Saturday night. The Sabres GM probably shouldn't read the rest of this post because he'll see how close he came to getting the No.... Read More

By Mike Harrington » Saturday, April 18, 2015

TORONTO -- Released Saturday night by the NHL, here is the official video of the NHL draft lottery as moderated by commissioner Gary... Read More

By Mike Harrington » Saturday, April 18, 2015

TORONTO – With only a 20 percent chance of success, Buffalo Sabres General Manager Tim Murray came here Saturday fully expecting to lose the NHL Draft Lottery. And the Sabres did, as the Edmonton... Read More

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